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Make your foreign exchange payments simply and quickly.

The currency exchange (conversion) and payment are made at the same time. You can also easily add your beneficiaries.

  • In just a few clicks, make transactions to more than 240 countries.
  • On average, it takes two minutes to process a request, from start to finish. 
  • Choose the speed of payment delivery: 1h, 24h or 48h.

Get real-time exchange rates instantly: all fees are transparent.

With our iBanFirst platform, clients have access to actual market rates in our trading room. You see the market rate in real-time, as well as the rate we offer.

  • Real-time market rates.
  • The charges applied are what you see on the platform (no hidden fees).

Client Testimonials

We value what our clients have to say.

stop wasting time image

    "With iBanFirst, we can focus on our core business and stop wasting time on international payments.”

    Erik Couwels, General Manager at Optima Networks

pleased with iBanFirst;s services

    "We are particularly pleased with iBanFirst's services, especially as they help our start-up to progress quickly in expanding our operations and procedures. They allow us to continue to manage certain aspects manually, while having the ability to automate and improve these same procedures as we grow.”

    Martin Lund, Founder of RSVP

making a payment is easy

    “Making a payment is as easy as making a transfer to a friend and requires only an electronic signature.”

    Rudy Achache, General Manager at Bensimon